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In-Home Care

Not everyone wants or needs the same level of support to remain in their home. Through Independent Living, Inc.'s In-Home Care Program, you choose the services that work best for you, your budget and lifestyle. Options include assistance with managing your medications, bathing, dressing, companionship, meal preparation and errands. If you have a long-term care policy, please let us know. We are able to work with a variety of long-term care insurance plans. We also work with the VA to provide services.  

Christina, In-Home Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9643 or by email

*Fees for services depend on the length and type of care.  Financial assistance may be available.


Holiday "Trip" Turns Physician into Patient

December holidays are meant to be festive, not frustrating. 

Yet that’s exactly what faced Dr. Kal Kunin and his wife, Bobbie Kunin. Early in December 2011, the retired ob/gyn physician tripped and tore his Achilles tendon.

Kal and Bobbie understand patience and proactive health care, having careers in medical practice in Youngstown, Ohio. Kal practiced medicine for 37 years and Bobbie with a doctorate in counseling, also practiced there. 

While Kal was recuperating at a local nursing facility, Bobbie realized there would be no physical therapy during the holidays. “What would be the point of staying there?” she asked. Intrepid and determined, she contacted Independent Living, Inc., about arranging in-home services. 

Kal and Bobbie Kunin

The response was immediate, Bobbie says. “It was Christmas Eve, and they made two trips that day to set up our home with what we needed. I thought it was really, really nice.” Independent Living, Inc. provided home modifications, supportive personal aides and ongoing physical therapy. 

“The physical therapist was a ray of sunshine,” Kal says. “Her personal and professional demeanor made it a pleasure to work with her.” 

The Kunins met in Boston where Kal was stationed as a Navy physician during World War II.The introduction was arranged by Kal’s first patient, a wounded Marine. For a time, Bobbie and Kal were apart while he tended to wounded soldiers at Normandy during the D-Day invasions. 

Today, the Kunins live in Madison and still visit dear friends in Ohio and elsewhere. They are blessed with three children and five grandchildren, and are grateful for Independent Living, Inc. 

"Independent Living was so accommodating, so helpful," Bobbie says.  "They were a real physical help, and emotional help, at a time when we needed it." 

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